The Clinical Genius Program

Where The Clinical Side of Your Practice Meets Coding & Documentation

 What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Clinical Genius?

Less Insurance Denials

Improved Clinical Outcomes for your patients

Increased Revenues for your office

Say goodbye to a fear-based office

Clinical Certainty In Your Treatments 



This program was developed because too many doctors are losing revenue, fighting denials, and practicing in fear of an audit. 

Can you become a better doctor through correct coding and documentation?

The Answer is YES!

Why is this program different than other coding and documentation courses? 

  • It is taught by one of the first Chiropractors in the nation to become a Certified Professional Coder
  • Dr. Arkfeld was one of the first Chiropractors to begin teaching on coding & documentation 
  • Dr. Arkfeld is still in active practice 
    • The courses are taught using clinical conditions most commonly seen in Chiropractic Offices
    • Real patient examples
    • We teach the following clinical equation
    • History + Examination + Diagnostics = ICD-10
    • Medical Necessity = ICD-10